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Stop selling your tracks, start streaming!

According to recent stats from Nielsen Music, digital download music sales are plummeting while streaming continues to boom. During the last week in August, digital downloads in the U.S. plummeted to 15.66 million – its lowest weekly volume since 2007 – whereas on-demand audio and video streams rose to 6.6 billion – its highest weekly volume ever.

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Does spotify help us in selling our music?

Economists Luis Aguiar and Joel Waldfogel looked at music sales in countries Spotify operated in between 2013 and 2015, and concluded that: “Spotify use displaces permanent downloads” — that is, if you’re getting your music from Spotify, you don’t need to buy it from iTunes. But they also found that “Spotify displaces music piracy,” and that the two trends balance each other out: “Interactive streaming appears to be revenue-neutral for the recorded music industry.”

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Where is the money from spotify?

It seems that Spotify is renegotiations with the major label groups–that typically would include publishers but the Wall Street Journal reports that the “black box” at streaming services is even worse that we thought:

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Koala Power is almost 30K

We are very proud to almost hit the 30K plays with the latest beati-sounds track!

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Red Keyst hits more then 10.000 plays!

The latest beatisounds track “Red Keyst” has hit the 10.000 play mark on Soundcloud! Give your support!

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8 Sound Design Tricks To Hack Your Listeners Ears

It’s easy to focus on the technology we use while mixing and mastering a track, but what happens to the sound after it leaves our speakers? How is that sound actually perceived by the brain? There are many mixing techniques we can use to trick the brain in to hearing what we want it to hear.

This basically falls under the heading of psychoacoustics, and with knowledge of a few psychoacoustic principles, there are ways that you can essentially ‘hack’ the hearing system of your listeners to bring them a more powerful, clear and ‘larger than life’ exciting experience of your music. Knowing how the hearing system interprets the sounds we make, we can creatively hijack that system by artifically recreating certain responses it has to particular audio phenomena.

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EDMJoy features Star Beach and Sun

We are proud to be featured on From the pool of rising talent comes another new up and coming artist, a DJ and Producer from the Netherlands, Beati Sounds. His new release, “Star Beach And Sun,” features a bounce/big room vibe, with various different sounds accenting the song. With a powerful buildup, with a mix of sharp synths and keys, followed up by a strong, bassy and in-your-face drop that fuses the elements of both big room and bounce.

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Star Beach And Sun [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Beati Sounds latest EDM track has been featured on Their comment: Just when you think that you are listening to a sweet clubby track that the drops in this new release by Beati Sounds grabs you!! Surprising great progressive track.

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