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EDMJoy features Star Beach and Sun

We are proud to be featured on From the pool of rising talent comes another new up and coming artist, a DJ and Producer from the Netherlands, Beati Sounds. His new release, “Star Beach And Sun,” features a bounce/big room vibe, with various different sounds accenting the song. With a powerful buildup, with a mix of sharp synths and keys, followed up by a strong, bassy and in-your-face drop that fuses the elements of both big room and bounce.

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Star Beach And Sun [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Beati Sounds latest EDM track has been featured on Their comment: Just when you think that you are listening to a sweet clubby track that the drops in this new release by Beati Sounds grabs you!! Surprising great progressive track.

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How to mix a kick with a bassline

“How did you mix the kick with the bassline?”. The short answer to this is a little bit disappointing, because the biggest trick I use is putting the Kick on one channel of my console and the Bassline on another. This utilizes the unique analog summing capabilities of my console and glues together both channels. But, this magic only happens when all the pre-work has been done correctly. As I say: When you put in shit, you’ll get polished shit out.

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Koala Power!

Wanna have some koala powered fun? Hit play!

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Latest tracks!

I have been producing a lot of new stuff the last couple of weeks, so here is a sneekpeek! Audio player above has also been updates 😉

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Video: Playfull Energy

The new Anthem theme for 2015!

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Video: Araghians Move

Combining rap with progressive trance. This is the result:

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