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Beati Sounds is getting huge support!

Beati Sounds is getting huge support!

We have noticed our music is getting much more tracktion the last couple of months by the increasing Beati Sounds support list. So we are very proud to show you our big support list here:

Alex Beckett
Andrea Mazza [M2O Radio]
Aponaut 2
Ariel Lizana Hidalgo [Ariel Beat]
Carl Austin [Liquid Pulse]
Cento | Vincent Davasse
Cherish [Safehouse Radio]
Craig Quinn [Quinny]
Curtis + Craig
Danny Slade [VMM Magazine]
Dave Scott [Country Club]
Dave Spinout [High Fish]
Dean Zone
Deny [Extreme Revolution]
DJ Mark King [MOS]
DJ Mosquito
DJ Sundance [Boxx]
Douglas [USA Trance Movement]
Fausto 2
Faze 2
George Von Liger
Giuseppe Ottaviani
Guy Alexander [Ascent]
Hakka / Mark Reading
Jake Nicholls [Uprising]
Jam El Mar
Johan @ DI.FM
Johnny L [Kiss FM Australia]
Jonathan Maby [MOS]
Jumpin Jack Frost
Keoni Mira
Kev SmootHound Walters [Extreme Revolution]
Latex Zebra [Harderfaster]
Liam Bayliss / Tafia [Thailand]
Loki [Terminal Trax]
Luc Poublon / The Act
Mark Roket [Friction]
Marty Curran [MOS]
Neil Moore [BFBS Radio 1]
Paul Hawcroft [JSV / The Gallery]
Proteus / Puss & Kram
Pusher [Discover Trance]
Rafy Nieves
S Bright [MOS]
Stephen Hamlet [Country Club]
Stephen Mapp [MOS]
Steve Butch Jones [Something Global]
Tommie Quick [Tranzaction]
Tommy Renegade [Renegade System / Echidna]

21 January 2017 Blog

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